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Precast concrete

Within our base from Bucov, Prahova County, we have important production and storage capacities for precast concrete products.

The main precast concrete products are:

  • sewer rings, reductions: 0.30-1.50m;
  • street/sewer drain with (manhole) cover
  • Concrete tubes with diameters between 150 ÷ 800 mm;
  • Channels of different sizes for protecting optical and electrical fibers;
  • "I" gray and red pavements;
  • 50/50/8 or 50/50/10 cm tiles
  • 21x33x8 cm, 50x33x8 cm and 300x100x18 cm, armored tiles
  • 20/25/100 cm, 20/25/50 cm, 10/15/50 cm borders;
  • borders;
  • P1 fretted fence boards (243/40/5 cm) and P1 (243/40/5 cm);
  • S4AL fence posts of 2.75 and 3.15 m;
  • Vineyards

Equipping with equipments and knowledge of the necessary technologies allow us to make non-stylized parts according to the beneficiary's documentation, such as prefabricated cellars, industrial tiles, precast beams, etc.

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