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Pre-insulated pipelines for district heating

Comrep S.A. produces and assembles pipes and fittings made of thermal pre-insulated steel within the external thermal networks. The areas of use of thermal pre-insulated piping systems and construction-assembly methods are assimilated into a wide range of variants, making "leaky" and "slip" piping systems capable of being mounted airborne or underground directly into the ground or in the existing thermal channels. In the system connected to the inner tube, thermal insulation and outer sheath, there is a continuous adhesive bond. In the sliding system the connection between the components is slippery, friction-free.

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Through our products we will provide a modern, viable, economical and non-polluting technical solution that can quickly solve the problems raised by the economic transport and safety of thermal energy, petroleum products, corrosive agents or food liquids.

Our products are designed to:

a) Thermal networks for the transport of warm water, hot water, thermal water or steam for supply the thermal agent for heating and domestic hot water for dwellings and social cultural buildings ;

b) thermal networks for the transport of warm water, hot water, steam, corrosive agents, petroleum products, refrigerants or food liquids used in industry;

The range includes pre-insulated steel pipes and fittings (ramifications, bends, reductions, fixed points) used in the Dn 20 mm network. Up to Dn 600 mm and with diameters between Dn 650 mm. Up to Dn 1000 mm - at the request of the beneficiaries.

The products are designed for temperatures between - 50 ° C and + 140 ° C for permanent loads and + 150 ° C for temporary applications and have the following characteristics:

  • Thermal insulation is made of rigid polyurethane foam ( PUR ),
  • Mechanical protection of thermal insulation (for air assembling - Spiro tube made of aluminum sheet, for underground installation - high density polyethylene tube) ;
  • installation possibilities: air - in consoles and recesses embedded in resistance walls or on pillars and pipe rack or underground installation - in existing thermal channels or directly in the ground (in dry or wet soil) ;

For temperatures between + 150 ° C and + 450 ° C the thermal insulation is a rigid polyurethane foam system in combination with special heat insulating materials and for temperatures between -50 ° C and - 200 ° C a steam barrier is added

The products made ensure:

  • reducing heat losses by 60-70%; ;
  • Thermal insulation lifetime: 30 years ;
  • System guarantees: 6 years;
  • placing pipelines directly into the ground without requiring thermal concrete channels;
  • shortening of the execution time due to prefabrication;
  • the possibility of detecting any damage that may occur by equipping the networks with a damage signaling and localization system;
  • the guarantee that the system works safely by delivering significant savings on fuel and energy to its beneficiaries.

Comrep S.A. assures technical consulting to its present and future clients, commercial offers, the execution of the assembly works and free technical assistance during the execution of the works.

Depending on your project you can directly choose from the list the products you want or you can send us by e-mail:, your request for quote.

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