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Constructions-Installation and Repairs in the Petrochemical Industry

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Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

S.C. COMREP S.A. has established an integrated quality-environment management system for health and occupational safety, covering all our processes, activities, products and services in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management Standards SR EN ISO 9001: 2015, SR EN ISO 14001 : 2005 and Health and Occupational Safety OHSAS 18001: 2008

Through its current concerns and activities, the management of S.C. COMREP S.A. aims to create an appropriate framework for balancing the economic and ecological interest and the manifested interest towards the human factor, considering full satisfaction of clients' requirements, profitability, health and occupational safety and environmental protection as a basis for sustainable development.

S.C. COMREP S.A. is actively concerned with improving its own standards in the field of quality management, environmental protection and health and occupational safety. In this context, we commit ourselves to ensuring the implementation, development and continued improvement of the effectiveness of this system as a means of preserving our reputation and the organization's position on the market for similar service providers. We also commit ourselves to fully comply with legal requirements, specific requirements and other stakeholders' requirements, applicable to both business and environmental issues and health and occupational safety.

In accordance with the policy of quality - environment - health and occupational safety, we aim to achieve the following general objectives:

  • Optimal deployment of activities by preventing any deficiencies / nonconformities in the production process;
  • ensuring optimum working conditions in order to achieve the target "ZERO WORK ACCIDENTS" for COMREP employees;
  • ensuring the health of our employees and our subcontractors, while ensuring the integrity and security of the facilities and equipment;
  • process and developing the services we provide in order not to cause harm to people and the environment;
  • continuous improvement of the quality, environment and health and occupational safety performance;
  • performance of the activity in full compliance with the legislation in force and with the quality, environmental and health and occupational safety regulations applicable to our activities, services and products;
  • adopting in our current practices preventive a pollution prevention behavior by improving the waste management, generated from our activities and services, by prioritizing recovery techniques – recycling - elimination;
  • Evaluating and controlling, preventing and eliminating the risks of accidents, occupational diseases, incidents and significant environmental impacts and impacts on the environment;
  • Continuously improving the overall performance of the organization, increasing business profitability and organizational position under the competitive market in the field;

Assigning resources, planning, controlling, ensuring and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System are elements of the management that S.C. COMREP S.A. understands to use them with the support and conscious participation of all staff, for the implementation, certification, and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.

The policy is periodically analyzed during management sessions and provides the necessary framework for establishing and analyzing the organization's objectives.

The organization's policy is communicated to all employees in order for them to become aware of their active implementation of these individual obligations.


The following list includes the certifications held by S.C. Comrep S.A. Additional certifications such as authorizations of welders, qualifications, etc. can be provided on request.

Quality Management SR EN ISO 9001:2008

Environmental Management SR EN ISO 14001:2005

Health and Occupational Safety Management OHSAS 18001:2008

ISO EN 3834-3- Welding processes

ISCIR PT CR4-2009 - REPAIR at:

  • stable metal containers with V max = 1,000,000 l, P max = 320 bar, Tmin = -50 C, Tmax = +490 C

ISCIR PT CR4-2009 - REPAIR at:

  • Tanks for compressed, liquefied or dissolved gas under pressure, having:  V max.= 1.000.000 l, P max=320 bar, Tmin= -50 C, Tmax= +490 C
  • Containers for compressed, liquefied or dissolved gas under pressure having:  V max.= 1.000.000 l, P max=320 bar, Tmin= -50 C, Tmax= +490 C
  • Pressurized, liquefied or dissolved pressurized gas barrels with:  V max.= 1.000.000 l, P max=320 bar, Tmin= -50 C, Tmax= +490 C


  • Metallic fluids with: DN max. = 500 mm, Pmax. = 100 bar, Tmin = -50 C, Tmax. = +550 C, 1 and 2 fluids grade


  • Steam boilers and hot water boilers with: Pmax. = 100 bar, Max steam flow = 120 To / h, Max. Calorific flow = 50 Gcal / h, Tmax = +440 C


  • Steel pipes for steam and hot water with: Pmax. <4 bar, Tmax. = +550 C

ANRE authorizations

  • Authorization no. 17147/17.07.2017, intended for the execution of natural gas distribution systems, closed distribution systems operating in medium, low and low pressure, as well as installations related to biogas / biomethane production / storage activity, type EDSB;
  • Authorization no. 17146/17.07.2017, intended for the execution of transport systems, natural gas distribution systems, closed distribution systems, as well as natural gas installations operating in high pressure mode, type ET.

IGSU Authorization for Installation and Maintenance of Fire Systems

ISC Lab Authorization 3 degree

Certificate of conformity for the control of the production of gravel aggregates